What we do

ControlAny aims to provide an integrated solution with IoT connected smart devices wirelessly via modern and integrated IoT platform. We are here to redefine the concept of Smart Living.

Automate your building with sensors, cameras, smart devices, HVAC and other high-tech gadgets that offer easy communication channel. Building automation system will check the data by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) on different floors and large network area. It reduces energy consumption and lowers CO2 emissions for your building & home.

IoT extends the power of the internet beyond smartphones and computers to ordinary household objects such as lightbulbs, locks, smart microwaves, wearable fitness devices, sophisticated industrial tools, and self-driving cars, affording them a higher degree of analytical and computing capabilities.

Smart Home Automation

Automation (such as home automation and industrial automation etc) has become important in today’s world as it helps to complete a task with lesser human assistance and in a smarter way. Houses are becoming smarter and developed these days with the help of automation devices. Home electrical appliances are using remote-controlled switches rather than conventional switches.

Smart Parking System

Smart parking systems are starting to offer solutions for urban mobility. This is a system which, thanks to the Internet of Things and sensor technology, allows real-time data to be obtained about parking availability, both outside and inside, and regarding traffic and road conditions.

IoT Video Surveillance

The IoT promises to connect everything from CCTV cameras, medical devices, smart home products to smart enabled vehicles and many more devices. For IoT applications we need to have ways to secure products which meet the needs of each application in a way which suits the IoT markets.