About Us

About Us

INV Technologies Holds a remarkable place in IT Services AR,VR AND MR - INNOVATIONS and a leading organisation in the field of industrial Embedded Systems,Security Systems,Virtual Reality,Augmented Reality,Mixed Reality and Robotics currently focuses on Virtual Environment Protocols .We at INV emphasise on technical Innovations in IT sector.INV has its own R&D lab at its incubation centre were we encourage research and development for more than 10 companies.INV was founded on August 2014 and is currently incubated at,Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh(state),India.





Managing Director



Team Lead / Flutter / NodeJs Developer

I worked on projects for both startup companies and mnc's. As we know, startups often use new and cutting-edge technologies. Being a quick learner, I adapted to these new technologies and successfully completed projects using the latest development tools and methods.


UI/UX Designer

2D & 3D Are Different dimension we create we develop we design different models in different domains.As we feel we make things and objects look different,good,detail.we work efficiently and patiently to look to make it beautiful apart from our work we enjoy a lot


Hardware Developer

I Contribute to the team’s knowledge in the field of embedded & hardware design and associated security. we develop embedded & hardware design of projects involving IoT/IIoT, smart-meters, smart-cards, NFC, GSM/UMTS, ICS/Scada, Automotive and other devices from both consumer and industrial sector

K.R. Kiran Kumar

Bussiness Analyst

We develop technical solutions to Business problems or to advance company's growth by using sophisticated methods, metrics and tools to achieve the business benefits and corporate goals in areas such as billing, production, workflow, customer relationship management and manufacturing.



We are made to maintain Healthy client relationship ,we give at most preferences in making client Happy by understanding and fullfilling they requirement with imminent interest and responsibility

S. RamaKrishna

Web/Android/IOS Developer

We are working in different platfroms.I like the Programming languages and I can work as easily as I can on any platform.

Vamsi krishna.G

Android Developer

We love programming in all Aspects working in different Platforms in though hours is our Unique IP .We feel comfortable Working with new tasks or Different tasks.We never do Redundant work a part from work.We love to spend time our co-programmers

Raffi Shaik

Business Manager & Partner

As a Business Manager, Raffi Shaik brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the technology industry. His strategic vision and leadership skills have been instrumental in expanding INV Technologies' presence in the Southeast Asian market.